Info V.AC.® and Ulta® V.A.C. are the most modern wound management systems.
Currently, these systems are the most effective assisted wound closure systems with negative pressure.

V.A.C.® Therapy is a non-invasive method of healing acute and chronic wounds by using negative pressure (vacuum)

The V.A.C.® Therapy Unit is a pump that applies negative pressure to the wound, using KCI proprietary supplies and clinically tested (dressings, tubing, canisters, so on). The affected area is hermetically sealed and negative pressure acts to remove the exudate and to stimulate the formation of granulation tissue (tissue repair and reepithelization).

The treatment method is non-invasive and is indicated in wound healing therapy, escape (decay ulcers), diabetic and varicose ulcers, postoperative wounds, burns, traumatic plagues pre- and post-transplantation of the skin, including wounds infected.

V.A.C. Ulta ™ is the unit that also offers the instillation option (with automatic, controlled delivery and evacuation of topical solutions from the wound).


Vacuum therapy can be used in both chronic and acute cases:
– Open abdomen patients;
– Patients with pressure ulcers or diabetic foot;
– Patients who have suffered various traumas;
– Patients with open wounds resulting from surgery (example: infected stern);
– Patients who suffered burns and require fixation of skin grafts.

The Therapy can be:
– Continue – the cleaning step
– Intermittent – stage of formation of granulation tissue
The pressure may vary, depending on the wound, from 75 to 125 mm Hgl.

– Dressings (GranuFoam, GranuFoam Silver, WhiteFoam)
– Exudate collection canisters
– Tubing – Sensa T.R.A.C. Technology

– Applying V.A.C.® dressing directly to vital structures: tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, organs and / or nerves;
– Untreated osteotomies;
– Malignant tumors at the wound level.


– Stimulates the wound closure;
– Provides a sealed, moist, healing environment that favours the wound closure from the inside to the outside, preventing colonization of bacteria and protecting the wound from the external environment;
– Removes exudate and infection;
– Diminishes unpleasant odors;
– Reduces the bandage change frequency;
– Reduces half-time hospitalization.